After having my art studio based in New York City for the last 30 years, I have returned to my hometown of Ft Lauderdale where I have set up my studio once again. My paintings, best described as expressionistic color-field, were an outgrowth of large-scale photorealistic airbrush works; a highly technical foundation now imbued with a strong visceral experience. I have carried this dual approach over to my commercial art even though that work is produced digitally. Color in both outlets has always been a naturally easy focus for me and something I truly enjoy investigating.

Over the years, I have relished the eclectic range of my clients - from TIME to the New Yorker to HBO among many others - and the interesting and often challenging projects we have successfully completed. It has been a similarly rich adventure with my paintings as they have developed especially with the recent introduction of silk-screened text elements plus written word fragments. That new quality interestingly creates multiple interpretations that the paintings can offer plus how they can be "read" emotionally as well as literally.

Simply said, in both my commercial art and fine art worlds, I have a great time at work.